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ParityYEG statement on proposed Abortion Ban

Today, The United States Senate has announced plans to introduce a Nation-wide ban on abortion at 15 weeks. The bill itself named “the Protecting Pain-Capable Unborn Children from Late-Term Abortions Act.”, is loaded with inaccuracies. The consensus among researchers is that a fetus is not capable of feeling pain until 27-28 weeks, or the third trimester. As well the term “late-term abortion” is one soely created by anti-abortionist as a talking point, when in reality the vast majority of abortions that occur in later stages of pregnancy are done for medical reasons, usually the health of the mother or because the fetus is not viable.

The continued attack on women and gender diverse individual’s reproductive rights in the United States is one that we all must watch closely. In Alberta, pro-life organizations are raising considerable amounts of money and putting that money and energy into getting pro-life candidates elected.

Federally, organizations like Right Now are placing considerable pressure on the new leader of the Conservative Party, Pierre Poilievre, to allow the introduction of pro-life legislation with the ultimate goal of criminalizing access to abortion in many cases. Even now, without formal restrictions in place, access to abortion is limited in many communities across Canada, especially rural, remote and Indigenous communities.

As an organization devoted to the advancement of women and gender diverse individuals in politics, it is vital that we speak out on the attack on women and gender diverse individual’s rights to make choices over their own bodies. If passed, this legislation will not stop abortion, it will stop safe abortions.

We stand in solidarity with women and gender diverse individuals across the United States and will continue as an organization to support advocacy in Alberta and across the country to ensure that safe and reliable access to abortion continues.

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