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Campaign Kits

5 part series to help candidates launch their campaign

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Melissa Caouette

Nafisa Bowen

Tamreen Arif

Janet Buckmaster

Giselle General

Carina Ludgate

Marina Banister

Serena Mah

Danisha Bhaloo

Mark Taylor

Rhiannon Hoyle

Beth Barberree

Kirsten Goa

Marilyn Hooper

Elizabeth Godfrey

Ann Gordon-Tighe

Rajah Maggay

Amber Paquette

Grace Lore

Catherine Keill

Amy McBain

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Are you thinking of running for office but don't know where to start? We've got you

Part 1: Saying I Do 

  • Finances by Melissa Caouette 

  • Ward Information by Rajah Maggay

  • Resources to Run by Janet Buckmaster

  • Community Leagues Through Edmonton by Giselle General 

  • Historical Context of Edmonton by Edmonton Historian Laureate Amber Paquette

  • What to expect as mayor and as councillor

  • Running with children by Nafisa Bowen and Kirsten Goa 

Part 2: Who do you think you are?

  • Discovering your brand by Carina Ludgate

  • Defining your leadership by Tamreen Arif and InspireHer AB

  • Launching your candidacy by Marina Banister

  • Strategic networking by Tamreen Arif and InspireHer AB

  • Taking care of your mental health and well being while campaigning by Beth Barberree 

Part 3: More Than Just Doorknocking 

  • Communications Strategy by Amy McBain

  • Website and Social Media by Grace Lore

  • Door Knocking and Ground Game by Ann Gordon-Tighe

  • Media Relations by Serena Mah

  • Events and Fundraising by Danisha Bhaloo-Shivji

Part 4: Why Me?

  • Why Me Exercise by Rajah Maggay

  • Forming Your Platform by Nafisa Bowen

Part 5: Earning the Vote:

  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Campaign Team by Rhiannon Hoyle

  • Timeline of a Campaign Election by Mark Taylor

  • Campaign Software by Elizabeth Godfrey

  • Getting Out The Vote! by Marilyn Hooper

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